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RISE Challenge 2022: 

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Do you have a dream to grow your business? You could be the next success story in the RISE Challenge!

Sherman's RISE Challenge incentivizes young, entrepreneurial companies based in Sherman and demonstrating high potential to positively impact the local economy. You'll be joining a community of forward-thinkers in a place that nurtures new ideas and forges new paths to success.


On April 19, three companies competing in the 2022 RISE Challenge were awarded cash incentives after a 4-month-long local competition. They will receive continued support from sponsoring partners SEDCO, Austin College, and the Grayson Small Business Development Center, each providing a unique resource to these growing companies. 

Dates for the 2023 competition will be announced in Summer 2022. Take your next steps to success in Sherman!

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Dates for the 2023 Competition will be announced in Summer 2022